Behind the Scenes of 2016 Oceanette Calendar Shoot

We had the distinct pleasure of shooting the 2016 Oceanette Calendar once again, this time for the 10th Anniversary of the Calendar.  This calendar has become so popular all over the world and has featured many beautiful girls throughout the years.  This year was especially fantastic as we had one of our original girls, Wendy, from the very first calendar shoot with us again after 10 years!  The photographers, crew and everyone had such a great time and we are all very excited to see the final results and the Behind the Scenes video when it is realeased later this year.

Make Up Artists hard at work, making all the girls look stunning!

calendar photography fort lauderdale calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0002 calendar photography fort lauderdale calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0004 calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0005

Prepping for the cover shot!calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0006 calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0007 calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0008 calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0009 calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0010 calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0011 Shooting some ariel inside with a drone!calendar photography fort lauderdale calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0013 calendar-photography-fort-lauderdale-0014

If you have a calendar that you would like shot for your company, give us a call at the studio to inquire at 954-351-8884.