Bludworth-McNeill Family Portrait Photography – Fort Lauderdale

Todd and Andy have been coming to our studio since their twins, Belle and Sam were born. They are the most amazing family and such role models for not only the gay community, but just in general as great parents. We have had such fun watching these two little cuties grow as well as Todd and Andy adapting to their new life! family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0001

Belle is such a ham in front of the camera! family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0002 family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0003 family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0004

What mischief is Sam thinking up? family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0005 family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0006 family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0007 family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0008 family-portrait-photography-fort-lauderdale-0009