Fitness Photography Fort Lauderdale


Over the years we’ve had the pleasure to work with some awesomely ripped individuals in the fitness industry. Some of them have been just regular people looking to get some fitness photographs of all their hard work, to professional fitness trainers looking for promotional fitness photography for their business, to full on body building competitors coming to us right before or after their body building competitions. Of course the idea is to capture the athelet when they are at their peak physical shape, just days before the contest, when they are at their best!  Our fitness photography has been featured inside and on the covers of various fitness and muscle magazines throughout the world and we are thrilled to have been able to work with these amazingly dedicated fitness individuals.

Take a look at some of our newest fitness photography images ….

fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness photography fort lauderdale

fitness photography fort lauderdale

fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness photography fort lauderdale

fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness-photography-fort-lauderdale-0013 fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness-photography-fort-lauderdale-0029 fitness-photography-fort-lauderdale-0033 fitness-photography-fort-lauderdale-0034 fitness photography fort lauderdale fitness-photography-fort-lauderdale-0038 fitness photography fort lauderdale

PLAYBOY South Africa – April PLAYMATE OF THE MONTH – Nikki DuPlessis

Danny Steyn Photography is proud to announce that South African Model Nikki Du Plessis was chosen as Playboy South Africa Playmate of the Month – Miss April 2014!  We are so happy for Nikki and so thilled to have been part of her journey that landed her pictorial in Playboy, the most prestigious of all men’s glamour magazines!

playboy-nikki-d-photography_oTo see more of Danny’s photos of Nikki in her hot pictorial, visit Playboy South Africa.


To see more of Danny Steyn’s images of Nikki Du Plessis from earlier glamour photography shoots, check out Nikki’s model page amongst our world famous Danny’s Angels


Great Product Photography Sells!

Our motto is “Compromise Elsewhere”!  If you are looking to sell your product on the open market these days you need to be ahead of your competition. And one of those ways is with making your product look the best it can be.  Time after time we have had clients come to us after they have tried shooting their own images and after they get the finished product from us, they call to let us know that the images are doing the sales for them!  So stop wasting you time and come to the best!.

Call us today at the studio to discuss your product photography needs, big or small!

commercial-catalog-photography-fort-lauderdale-0010 Arrowpak0213


Professional Model Portfolio Photography – Fort Lauderdale

So you think you have what it takes to become the next big thing in the modeling industry? First you will need to hire a professional photographer that is skilled in bringing out the best in you. You can rest assured that at Danny Steyn Photography we will get the images needed to get you recognized in this competetive industry! We will help you get started building the best model portfolio possible for your grand entrance into the modeling world!

Call us today to book a model portfolio session at very resonable rates – 954-351-8884!

The session below was shot entirely in Fort Lauderdale at various parks, including the stunning Bonnet House Musuem and Gardens!  The lovely Samantha was pure joy to shoot with!
model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0001 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0019 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0018 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0017 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0016 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0015 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0014 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0013 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0012 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0011 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0010 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0009 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0008 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0007 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0006 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0005 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0004 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0003 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0002 model-portfolio-photography-fort-lauderdale-0020